Spanish 5th Grade - Ms. Klein

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Mi Familia - Spanish Family Tree Project Guidelines and Rubric

  • The students have been working on the La Familia unit for 4 weeks.  
  • The worksheets and activities they have completed in class are attached below.
           --> The Spanish vocabulary that the students must incorporate in their Family Tree Project are included in the class worksheets as well as in the
                 Project Guidelines attached below.
           --> The students may also use website to look up the vocabulary.  However, the student may ONLY use the
                 vocabulary we covered in class.  
  • They have been working on a rough draft of their own Family Tree, which they may bring home after class on Monday 3/25/24.
  • The students are encouraged to communicate with their family during Easter Break to help them fill out the names and the relationships on their Family Tree (Arbol Geneologico)
We will begin Presentations of the La Familia (Family Tree) Projects on Monday, April 15.