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Music Program


Every student from TK-8 grade participates in the Music Program.

The Curriculum for students from TK-8 grade is comprised of a balanced and sequential program of singing, playing instruments, listening to music, improvising and composing, and moving to music.  Our music program consists of a wide variety of types of music from the earliest melodies to Contemporary compositions.  For Christmas masses and programs we sing a broad spectrum of music from Gregorian chant to modern Christian composers.  We sing songs in a variety of languages.

Also included are learning experiences designed to develop the ability to read music, use the notation and terminology of music, analyze and describe music, make informed evaluations concerning music, and understand music and music practices in relation to history and culture.  We also sing, listen to recordings and do live performances. 

Music is incorporated into dramatic productions, assemblies, concerts and classroom learning.

TK & Kinder Receive 30 minutes per week of music instruction 
Grades 1-8 Receive 50 minutes per week of music instruction


TK - Grade 3 Learn musical movement, clapping along with rhythms and singing.
Grade 4 Begin to learn to sing songs in various languages.
Grade 5 Begin playing the recorder to further enhance beginning note reading and ear training.  The recorder is a plastic instrument that is easy to play.  It is a great instrument for young students.  Students learn about basic musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, harmony and pitch and are introduced to basic note reading.  The recorder is a great preliminary instrument to learning a band or orchestral instrument in subsequent years.  They also learn basic music theory and how to read notes.  
Grade 6 Learn music history from pre-chant to Renaissance.  They learn how music has evolved and delve more into music theory and composition.  They are taught how to clap out and write rhythms on their own.
Grade 7 Learn music history with an emphasis on classical and modern instruments.  They also have a musical instrument project to create an instrument that they can play.
Grade 8 Learn musical history with an emphasis on composers spanning many genres.  They will choose one composer about whom they will complete a detailed project. 

School Musical

Children from 6-8 grade participate in our school Musical Production.  Through a musical the students are able to see how music can be used to set the mood, move the plot, and manipulate emotions.  Because staging and choreography is involved, they also have an opportunity to develop their kinetic skills. Creating a performance incorporates the talents of every child.  At the 6-8 grade level, students are given the opportunity to function in off-stage capacities, such as sound technicians, spotlight operators, stage hands, wardrobe, and make-up teams.  They learn about the jobs related to on and off stage productions.