St. Charles Borromeo School

Catholic Schools' Week

Monday: Neon Day
- Bright clothing, neon colors
Tuesday: Disney Day
- Disney costumes, t-shirts, hats and accessories (no masks)
Wednesday: Pajama Day
- Appropriate attire only. No short shorts, spaghetti straps, or form fitting clothing.
Thursday: Sports Day
- Sports jerseys, t-shirts, hats and accessories
Friday: Formal uniform required for Mass.
*Please abide by all guidelines laid out for alternate dress days in the Parent/Student Handbook:
"An Alternate code means “Free of Uniform”, not the freedom to dress any way a student desires. This code is established so the dress will match the high academic standards and the image of our school. Clothes must be clean, free of holes, no tears, and in good taste. Advertising should not be on any article of clothing. Oversized or undersized clothing is not appropriate, this includes length. Bicycle shorts and boxer shorts and t-shirts cannot extend below the hem of other articles of clothes. Shorts should be walking length, no cut-offs or short shorts. Halters and shirts with spaghetti style straps are not allowed. Shoes must be with a closed heel and toe. No sandals, plastic shoes, flip-flops (thongs). Alternate dress is allowed on the days designated by the Principal. School uniforms are to be worn if a student is not participating. The school reserves the right to send anyone home who comes inappropriately dressed."