St. Charles Borromeo School

Congratulations to our Cyber Crime Safety Team!

Technology Award

Congratulations to the St. Charles School’s Cyber Crime Safety Team for winning the Cyber Crime Challenge Technology Award sponsored by the Inter-Agency Council on Abuse and Neglect (ICAN) Cyber Crime Prevention Subcommittee (CCPS), and numerous law enforcement agencies.

Earlier this November, the Cyber Crime Safety team attended the 8th annual Cyber Crime Symposium at the California Endowment Center. The team applied the teaching points from the symposium to create a school wide Cyber Safety Program.

{B.R.U.I.N.S.} Bruins Rise Up In Negative Situations

The St. Charles Borromeo School’s Cyber Crime Safety Team and I have established a digital citizenship program by creating the {B.R.U.I.N.S.} app. Our mission is to prevent cyberbullying and sexting by empowering targets and bystanders to become Upstanders and Rise Up In Negative Situations by reporting inappropriate content. By implementing the {B.R.U.I.N.S.} app into our Digital Citizenship Curriculum, we hope to start a revolution of Upstander advocates to inspire change in our school community one share at a time!


The Cyber Crime Safety Team has won the challenge three years in a row making this the fourth win for St. Charles School.


I am honored to have worked with this year’s team. All their hardwork and dedication has paid off. I am proud of each member and wish them the best in high school!



Thank you,


Ms. Morales

Cyber Crime Safety Team Moderator