St. Charles Borromeo School

Halloween Carnival

St. Charles Borromeo 2017 Halloween Carnival FAQs

• The carnival runs from 10:00 – 11:45 A.M. The students start their day in class.
Shortly before the carnival begins, teachers escort them to the playground for the
costume parade at approximately 9:45 A.M.

• Your child/children should come to school dressed in their costumes. For safety
concerns, masks are allowed to be worn during the parade only. No weapons

• At the conclusion of the carnival, students will be sent back into their classrooms.
At that time clean-up will begin. (Volunteers are greatly appreciated!)

• All volunteers and parents must have completed VIRTUS training in order to be
on the school premises during the carnival.

• The entire school attends the carnival. However, only students who have
purchased a wristband will be allowed to play the carnival games. Please don’t
forget to buy your wristband ahead of time.

• By purchasing a wristband, a student will be able to visit 12 booths. The booths
range from snack shack, pumpkin decorating and several game booths.

• We need volunteers! The more parent volunteers, the easier the day flows and
the more parents can take breaks to walk around with their child/children. Please
contact your room parent for your classroom booth assignment.

• In addition to the game booths, there will be a couple of items that will require an
additional fee. Those include: 50/50 raffle and the Student Council Haunted
Maze ($1.00)

• All students are allowed to roam the carnival at their own pace. This may seem a
bit overwhelming to our younger students. We recommend a couple of parents
chaperone a group of students and guide them from booth to booth. Please
speak with your child’s teacher to determine if assistance is needed.

• We ask that TK parents enjoy the carnival with their child to help them navigate
the event.

• The 8th grade class will be selling hot dogs at the carnival. Please make sure to
send your child with money if they would like to purchase hot dogs or turn in the
pre-sale slips to the office. It’s a good cause.

• The student council will present their annual Halloween Maze. The maze will
cost an additional $1.00. To make the experience enjoyable for all students the
first 30minutes of the maze is presented in a tamer mode. Please make sure to
send your child with money if they would like to go through the maze.

• Goody bags will be distributed to each student and registered sibling(s). If you
would like to make your child’s bag extra special you can bring items such as
candy or Halloween trinkets into the school office by October 26th. (Please label
the grade) All goody bags will be assembled prior to the carnival to save our
teachers’ time from passing numerous treats to the students.

• Any other carnival questions please contact your room parent.